Easy Dinners For Veganuary 2023!
Vegan Chickpea + Spinach Masala Indian Pizza Recipe | cookingwithparita.com
Easy Dinners For Veganuary 2023!

Happy new year! I’m super excited to share with you my favourite vegan dinners.

Happy new year! I’m super excited to share with you my favourite vegan dinners. They’re all super simple to make and incredibly delicious! Eating vegan food is not boring, and I hope my recipes inspire you to cook more plant-forward recipes this year! Oh, and happy veganuary!!

Vegan Chickpea + Spinach Masala Indian Pizza Recipe | cookingwithparita.com

Chickpea + Spinach Masala Pizza – a homemade pizza dough, with a creamy skillet-baked Indian Masala marinara sauce, and finally topped with spinach, Indian spiced chickpeas, onions and vegan mozzarella. If you love Indian food, you’ve gotta try this Indian Style Pizza asap!

Cheesy Vegan One Pot Pasta Bake Vegan Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Bake Recipe | cookingwithparita.com

One Pan Sun-dried Tomato Pasta Bake – this is the easiest pasta bake you’ll ever try!!! You don’t even have to pre-cook your pasta, make any sauce or even turn your stove on! This whole recipe is made solely using your oven, that’s it! You have no excuse not to give this recipe a try, I know you want to!

Image of authentic black eyed peas curry recipe

Black Eyed Peas Curry – an effortless dish that’s one of our favorite easy dinners. A simple masala base, black-eyed peas, a touch of lemon juice and bright green fresh coriander leaves. Serve this quick and easy curry on busy days, with chapati or naan to soak up this delicious curry.

Sheet Pan Pecan Crusted Chik’n – tender oyster mushrooms, with a crunchy toasted pecan coating. Best part? This vegan pecan chik’n is made on a sheet pan, and ready to eat within 30 minutes! Easy enough to make any night of the week, but also delicious enough to make for special occasions. Plus, it’s the type of meal that the entire family will love.

Aloo Palak – for nights you’re looking for ways to use up a bag of spinach, and also craving a cozy Indian meal! A hearty curry made with potato cubes, Indian spices, and plenty of baby spinach. Best part? It’s made in one pan, and ready to eat within 30 minutes! Every mouthful is delicious with chapati, rice, and vegan yoghurt. Yum.

Image of vegan rosemary red onion white pizza recipe

Rosemary Red Onion White Pizza – homemade pizza dough, topped with a rosemary-infused white sauce made with melty vegan cheese. Finally, bake with a few fresh rosemary leaves, thinly sliced onions, and chopped pistachios. Serve this rosemary pizza straight out of the oven, with a generous drizzle of chili maple. This is the perfect pizza to make on nights you’re craving some comforting and cheesy. 

image of vegan chicken sandwich with hot maple slaw

Chik’n Sandwich With Hot Maple Slaw –  made with oyster mushrooms, coated in spiced crunchy cornflakes, baked and served inside warm pan-toasted buns, with a generous dollop of vegan mayo, swirled with a little of that hot maple sauce. And a handful of hot maple slaw, sliced onions and of course, gherkins.

Folded Aloo Masala Wraps – aloo masala, greens, green chutney, cucumber slices, pomegranate seeds and vegan cheese are folded inside these wraps, then pan-fried until they’re golden, warm and crispy.

Image of cabbage curry on plate with chapati

Cabbage Curry – made in one pan, and ready to eat within 20 minutes. This simple Indian curry starts with stir-frying the cabbage with Indian spices and frozen green peas. Serve this delicious curry with Indian flatbread, vegan yoghurt, sliced onions and green chillies. A great family dinner any night of the week.

Simple Vegetable Pulao | cookingwithparita.com

Vegetable Pulao (One-Pot) – a one-pot Indian rice recipe made with basmati rice, aromatic spices and a few vegetables. Make this Indian recipe in under 30 minutes, and enjoy warm with my Authentic Chana Masala recipe! Indian vegan food for the WIN.

Close up Image of Vegan Tofu Firecracker Lettuce Wraps

Tofu Firecracker Lettuce Wraps With Brown Rice – this recipe starts with the pan-fried tofu, which is then, quickly stir-fried with half of the sauce. Served inside two leaves of butter lettuce, along with brown rice, green onions, sesame seeds and a little more of that firecracker sauce.

Butternut Squash Chana Masala –  this Indian curry is packed with butternut squash, protein-packed chickpeas and all the classic Indian spices. Serve with this delicious butternut squash chickpea curry with warm brown rice, and naan to soak up all the masala. The perfect cold-weather weeknight dinner.

Close up of image of sun dried tomato arugula pizza recipe

Sun-Dried Tomato Arugula Pizza –  homemade or store-bought pizza dough topped with a simple red sauce made from garlic, spices and oil from a jar of sundried tomatoes. Baked with a few chopped sundried tomatoes and vegan cheese. The thick pizza crust with gooey vegan cheese and crispy sun-dried tomatoes is served with fresh arugula salad, and a little squeeze of lemon juice. This delicious pizza will easily become your new favorite pizza to enjoy any day of the year.

Image of curried brussels sprouts recipe

Curried Brussels Sprouts – seasonal sprouts stir-fried with classic Indian spices, transforms into a super easy brussels sprouts sabzi. Best part? It’s made in one pan, and ready to eat within 30 minutes. Serve as a side this holiday season, or as a main alongside some warm naan!

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